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Open air museums are usually happy to welcome children. They can run and play here and while doing so can learn how children in the country used to live.Freilichtmuseen sind generell kinderfreundliche Museen. Hier kann man laufen und spielen und so ganz nebenbei noch sehen, wie die Kinder auf dem Land früher gelebt haben.

Babies and toddlers
Infants and toddlers are well cared for: You can have your baby's bottle heated in the restaurant and at the museum cash desk. There are also several high chairs for toddlers in the restaurant. If you have a pram, please bear in mind that the grounds are hilly and that you will have to push it back up rather steep slopes later on. There are also three flights of stairs in the exhibition building. You can get information about these kinds of obstacles on our page for the disabled, since those in wheelchairs are also confronted with similar problems.

School children
Make the visit to the museum as interesting as possible. Print out a few pages from the online guide and once here explain something about the houses, machinery and equipment to your class. It's even more convenient if you just purchase the printed copy of the museum guide (available in the online shop and at the museum cash desk) and then have the right answer for any questions the class may have. However, you can use task sheets for children of certain age groups which can be had at the cash desk. To liven things up or as a break for parents, children will be able to let off steam in the playground, which is right next to the garden of the Roscheider Hof outdoor restaurant. Children's menus are also available in the restaurant.

While we want you to have a much fun as possible with your children while visiting the open air museum, please remind them that the objects in the museum have to be protected from wear and tear. Please explain to them that, for their own safety's sake, they should not sit on any of the exhibited objects nor climb over any barriers. The museum exhibition ought to be still here when your children come to the museum with their own children. Anyway, tractors, machinery and other tools present a source of danger for children, which should not be taken lightly.

School classes and youth groups
The open air museum is first and foremost an educational institution for classes and youth groups. For this reason it is advisable to plan the museum visit well in advance and to inform yourself about the educational programmes offered by the museum on the page about tours and projects. We of course will do our best to accommodate individual requests. Please get in touch with us by phone.

Events in the museum
Many of the events held in the museum, usually on weekends, are also of interest to children and young families. The annual "Children's Day", which is held at the end of July or beginning of August depending on the school holidays, breaks the record for visitors each time.

You can obtain more details on the events page.