Above the house from Obermennig, a dry stone wall was laid out in the summer of 2019 over which a vineyard was planted in the spring of 2000 with the support of the Dr. Frey winery from Kanzem.

Our museum would like to thank the ecumenical men's group "Ora und Labora" from Konz for their great unpaid commitment to this beautiful project.

The meadow we planted is actually not a classic vineyard (north-west orientation and clay soil). We chose this site because it is the most suitable location in the museum grounds and because of these site conditions we chose a slightly earlier ripening grape variety. Unfortunately, we could not plant historic vines because they are too susceptible to fungal diseases, Since we want to do without chemical plant protection in our vineyard due to our many museum visitors alone, but at the same time have to prevent our vines from contracting oidium (powdery mildew) or peronospara (downy mildew), we are planting relatively newly bred fungus-resistant grape varieties. In 2023, we hope for the first harvest.

Specifically, the RINOT grape variety was planted. This was developed by Doz. Ing. Milos Michlovsky, DrSc. and Col. and is a cross Merzling x (Seyve Villard x Pinot gris). The grapes are medium sized and have a thickened skin, minimising the risk of fungal attack and botrytis rot. In terms of taste, the wines lie between Riesling and Silvaner. We are excited to see how they develop in our vineyard. The first regional cultivation trial in 2015 in the Palatinate developed promisingly.


Ora et Labora in the construction of the vineyard wall:

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